Do you know what make up is best for you, by the colour of your hair?


Make up is a powerful weapon, used by women whenever they want to fascinate and impress with their appearance.  With a well chosen make up you can magically achieve insatiable looks, but with bad make up, not only you will not improve your appearance, but you will also put veil over your own natural beauty.

When choosing make up it is necessary to take into consideration many factors, including the colour of your hair.

Below you will find tips and advises on what colour of make up best suites to different colours of hair.

  1. If you have Black Hair
You are lucky ! Almost all the colours match your hair and you can show off with the best look of “smokey eyes”on you . To highlight you eyes, we recommend for you to use dark blue  or grey shade and black eye pencil, or eyeliner , and black mascara. When it comes to your face,  blush in pink or coral colour will bring warmth to your face. If you choose to highlight your eyes with dark colours, then it is best just to put a lip gloss on the lips in pink or coral colour, not to distract the attention from your eyes.  Skin lip colours are a great combination for a darker complexion. If you choose to use less eye make up,  you can definitely highlight your lips with red lipstick .    
  1. If you are brunette
Brunettes are always advised to use eyeshadows in colours that are close to their hair colour. Here are some rules, eyeshadows in shades of brown always look great on brunettes. You will never make mistake if you use mocha or warm shades of brown. You can highlight your eyes with a hint of purple. For more dramatic evening look, use a dark grey, or green, or even gold shades will give you glamorous look.  Eye pencil is recommended to be dark brown or dark blue, or black. Mascara either brown or black . Blush is your best friend! Remember that . Use coral shade of blush, or peach . Even brick shade (terra cotta) will go perfect for you. When choosing lipstick, stay away from lighting fixtures shades, because they are not the best choice for brunettes. Lipstick in coral, or peach colour will give you freshness to your look.  For  more dramatic evening look, use lipstick in the colour of red rose, red wine, or cherry.     3. If you are blonde Blondes does not go with very strong eye make up, as is case for brunettes and black hair gals.  Smooth pastel colours are great for your gentle appearance. Best eyeshadow colours for you are in the shades of pink, peach and champagne. It is best for you to use mascara and eye pencil in brown colour, not black, because black colour will give you “heavy” look of your make up. Pink and peach shades of blush are the best choices for you. Bright gentle shades of lipstick are just for you. Pink shades are perfect for you, and we also recommend shades that match your natural lips colour.      
  1. If you have red hair
Red hair makes a great impression and brings a lot of heat in your appearance. Therefore, the best choices for red hair, are eyeshadows in shades of green. But that is not the only option. You wont be mistaken if you use colours of honey, copper, caramel, or shades between brown and grey. Use mascara and eye pencil in brown colour, especially if you have green, hazel or brown eyes. Highlight your cheeks with blush in shades of peach or apricot. The best lipstick colour for you is the colour of peach of apricot. Warm red lipstick are not recommended for red hair, unless they are in shades of brick or with hint of brown. For more glamorous look, use lipstick with gold shimmer. Avoid pink lipstick. Dark shades of lipstick, like purple can make your make up look very “heavy”, so they are also not recommended.     Hope this article was useful for you .                

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