Do you know the 7 most important rules for make up ?

Do you know the 7 most important rules for make up ?


I am sure that all of us know how to apply make up, and look pretty.

Of course, you can experiment with your make up . But, there are several rules, from which you  definitely can not make an exception for.

    Rule  No. 1 : Never apply too much powder   This is first and most basic rule that many women deliberately violate, thinking that the foundation does not cover enough of the deficiencies on their face. Remember, even the best and most suitable powders will not be the same shade as the colour of your skin. When you apply foundation, make sure to try to look beautiful and carefully blot on the entire face, right upto the top of the neck .  Before the house, take a look in the mirror in natural light to make sure that you have not left any not smeared parts of your face , or even worse- applied a huge thick layer . You do not want to intimidate people, or create the impression like it is the 1st of April, right?         Rule  No. 2 :  Do not emphasise your eyebrows too much   Finding a colour that will match your brows is really a challenge. Pencils for eyebrows can sometimes be over expressed, so the best thing is to try using a cream, or dust shadow that you can apply with diagonally angled cut make up brush.  This will allow application of the appropriate amount to achieve a natural look and healthy shine.     Rule No. 3 :  Do not overdo it with the lip pencil   Drawing on the lips outside of their natural lip line may look good on the famous, out of the headlines in magazines or posing on the red carpet. But, in everyday life, this tactic simply does not go unnoticed – in the negative sense. If excessive, it does create the “clown” effect, instead of the desired sexy one.  If you want to achieve the effect of fuller lips, apply a shimmery lip gloss in the middle of your lower lip. For better effect, choose a shade that is close to the natural colour of your lips. Dark shades attract more attention to the shape and thickness of your lips, so avoid them.       Rule No. 4 :   Do not emphasise your eyes too much during the day   Eye pencil is great for highlighting and “opening” your eyes. But, there is a difference in its using for daily routine such as for work make up and evening make up. Keep your strong and really dark shades for evening outings, and during the day you can create the blurry effect from neutral, brown and grey tones on the upper lid of the eyes.         Rule No. 5 :  Do not treat your face as it is a cake   This rule includes those with oily type of skin/face  and people with acne , who should definitely not overdo the foundation, or the powder. Before you rush to apply a new layer of powder so you can make adjustments, take a paper towel and soak up the excess oils from your face, that broke out during the day. You may also find that it is better not to apply the new “ filling of the cake “.       Rule No. 6 : Avoid the “ ghost“ effect  on the pictures   Maybe you want to protect yourself from the sun, but your make up looks pale and creates impression of your face ( the ghost effect ) , which significantly differs from the rest of your tan skin.  The reason lies in the foundations, and powders with titanium dioxide, zinc oxide or protective creams without chemicals. Of course, you should protect yourself from the sun, but if you want natural– looking photos in the summer, avoid cosmetics with these active ingredients or  completely skip the stone powder and apply only the liquid foundation.         Rule No. 7 : Always play on one’s best features- lips or eyes   I am sure that almost everyone knows this rule, but since this article is about the most important rules in make up that every woman should respect, it must be mentioned. So, if you are planning to experiment with your eye shadows, or make the effect of smokey eyes,  meaning, you will emphasise your eyes- then you should definitely use natural shade of lipstick. Otherwise, if you are planing to bring the attention to your lips, for example, using red lipstick, then you must make sure not to put too much make up on your eyes. Advice :  if you are planing to “wear” red lipstick,  apply just a thin layer of eyeliner and mascara on your eyes. You can definitely not go wrong.         We hope this article was useful for you.  Feel free to share your opinion, some advice, tip, personal experience, or anything that is related to the themes we cover.  

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