Do you know How to maintain the whiteness of your teeth?

  It is fact that everyone likes a shiny pearly white smile. The hard part is achieving that look and maintaining it. Would you be surprised if I told you that white wine has the worse effect  on your teeth, and that is even over red wine? Are you familiar with the whitening effect of strawberries? Here are some tips that will help you resist the stains on your teeth and keep your smile,  pearly white. White wine can cause more stains on your teeth than red wine, this is because it contains more acids. The high degree of acid is the reason why white wine stains more than tea, coffee, or everything else that we drink or eat, that is coloured.  The acid destroys the natural layer of our teeth, creating holes and rough spots that become a target for coloured foods and drinks.     To reduce the effect of the acid, rinse your mouth with water, between the wine and the strong coloured food that you are consuming.  Drinking water and eating bread along with these stain causing products, effectively  neutralises the acidity and reduces the harmful effect  .   It is not recommendable to brush your teeth immediately after eating or drinking food or drinks with high degree of acidity. The glazing of the tooth is already weakened by the acid and the sugar, so the brushing will cause further erosion to the teeth. In this case, it is best to wait 30 minutes before brushing your teeth. Even better, you can use gel or rinse your mouth with the special water with a whitening effect. Thus, you will immediately treat your teeth after drinking wine or eating coloured food, without destroying them with the brush.  You will also reduce the stains and prevent further damage to our precious teeth   Strawberries are one of the best domestic bleaches of our teeth. Strawberry acid does not allow loosing of the colour of the tooth surface and acts as a whitening.  The ingredient that gives the sour taste of fruits, along with strawberries, can be found in grapes also. You will achieve the most efficient whitening when this fruit is mature, but not rotten, if it is rotten then it has already lost this ingredient.   80%  of causes of bad breath are caused from the bacteria that are kept and retain on the tongue and within the mouth.  Brushing the tongue with a toothbrush will not remove the bacteria, but blow them through the mouth. Therefore, it is best to use special cleaners for the tongue that way you can successfully beat bad breath.   Chewing sugar-free gum after meals will stimulate secretion of saliva, which acts as a natural detergent and removes most stains from the teeth.  Even washing and holding the water in your mouth could remove just a small part of the stains on your teeth   These were small tips but effective tips that you should try from time to time. Have you ever tried anything for teeth whitening? What is your experience? Please leave a comment and let us know Hope this was useful for you and any other tips then please post them

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