Completing the perfect Pedicure at home

Completing the perfect Pedicure at home



A true cherished woman never neglects her feet, whether concealed in her warm boots in winter, or showing them off for the whole world to see during the summer. Now is the perfect time to pamper yourself with a make over pedicure ( if you have not already)  and jump confidently into those goergeous fashionable summer sandals.     Pedicures can be simple, easy and fun, and the result will always make you feel better.. 100% Guanrateed!   Pedicure is the most effective way to highlight the beauty of your feet. Besides allowing you to improve the appearance of your nails and skin, it will also help you improve circulation in the legs and to prevent in growing toe nails and boy are those painful.   You can take care of your feet yourself and reach that pristine cat walk look, in the comfort of your own home.   Here is a Home pedicure- Step by step :   Play some relaxing music, light scented sticks,dim the lights and enjoy this pedicure treatment like you are in an expensive beauty&spa centre.  
  1. Clean up the old nail polish :
  If you have any nail polish left on your nails, remove it using cotton swabs and acetone, or even better – with a polish remover that does not contain acetone. Soak the pads and rub it on the nails.   If the nail polish does not come off easily, then soak the cotton bud or wool abundantly with nail polish remover and place it on the nails for few minutes.   If you have spots on your nails, or you have noticed that they have become yellow from the excessive use of nail polish, now is the time to rub them with an old toothbrush and toothpaste designed for whitening teeth.    
  1. Soak your feet in a warm bath :
  Do not do it hastily . Enjoy and take your time while doing the pedicure at home. Immersion of the feet in a warm bath or foot spa not only will give you the desired purity, but also will help you feel good along with softening the skin, preparing it for exfoliation.   Fill a bowl with hot water and add 2 cups of milk and 1 teaspoon essential oil of rosemary, mint, tea tree or lavender.   Place a small towel at the bottom of the bowl which will be comfortable surface for your feet. Then dip your feet and enjoy for at least 10 minutes.    
  1. Make yourself exfoliation:
  Pedicures will not have full effect if you pay attention only to the nails. Rough skin on feet is particularly unattractive, so you should work hard to remove it.   Start with a foot brush. Nicely brush the bottoms of both feet . It will help remove some of the dead cells on the surface of the skin and soften your feet.   Now follow the peeling :  If you do not have cosmetic products for that purpose, you can prepare a home peeling by mixing sugar, olive oil and few drops of essentials oil. Massage your toes and heels ,where you need it the most which will normally be the heels and balls of the feet. Make circular movements by massaging. Do this for 2 minutes on each foot and then wash with warm water.   Continue with a stone or foot file. Regular use of stone or of a file will do wonders for the skin of the feet, so do not skip it.  
  1. Form your nails and regulate the cuticles
  Dry your feet well and take an equipment for cutting nails, cuticle oil and a tool that boosts the cuticle.   Cut the nails in straight line and avoid cutting of the corners, otherwise you risk the awkward and painful growing of the nail into the skin. The length of the nails should not exceed tips of the toes. Use files to softened the corners.   Then brush the cuticles with special oil and push them with a wooden round stick to the root of the nail. Immersion of the feet in the warm bath softens cuticles and their arrangement should be easy. Do not cut the cuticles, just push them to the root of the nail.    
  1. Soften the skin and grant yourself a massage
  Put some of your favourite lotion into your palms. Massage your feet with circular movements.   Massage improves circulation, relaxes muscles, reduces pain and reduces swelling of the feet.   Massage until the lotion absorbs into the skin.        
  1. Polish your nails
  Take a cotton bud and remove the lotion from the nails. Then brush them with a polish basis . If you do not have a basis, use a clear colourless nail polish . It will protect your nails, especially if you use a nail polish in bright colours.   It is recommended to put two layers of nail polish on,  but like any of our beauty tips, personal preference and trial and error are key, like the colour of the polish, it remains your choice.   Once the polish is dry, you can use a little extra oil to soften the skin.     Did you know.. It is recommended for person to do daily around 10 000 steps to preserve it’s health. To do each step without a problem, moisturise your feet as they deserve, because they carry the entire burden.    

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