Can you relate to these 7 most common excuses that women use to neglect diet and exercise?

Can you relate to these 7 most common excuses that women use to neglect diet and exercise?

I bet you can!

Loosing weight and maintaining a beautiful figure are challenges that not everyone decides to face. For many it is easier to find an excuse to delay the start of a diet, or the start of an exercise regime, and refuse following some disciplined ways to getting them self in shape and healthy for the long term.

“ I will get back in shape, just not now”, “ I am on diet from the first of the next month/week”, “I am in PMS time, I feel like a hungry wolf”, “ I work really hard, must have energy”, “If I’m on a diet, I can not concentrate on learning”..  There are as many excuses as you want, but if you desire a healthy and beautiful body, you should learn to dispose of them ASAP.

  1. “I do not have time”
Why is this an unjustified excuse? The same excuse you can use for make up, going out, watching the favourite movie, or socialising on Facebook. But it is most likely to use the “no time” excuse only on diet and exercise. If you can find the time for Facebook or TV, you can also find time for exercise. The best solution- Exercise whilst watching TV. Get a stepper or an exercise bike,Work out and watch XFactor at the same time, PERFECT. As for diet, start with a few small changes in the way you eat, that will not take much time. For example, it takes a much shorter time to make a lovely salad instead of stoggie spaghetti,pasta potato for dinner.        
  1. “I work/ study a lot, I must have energy for this”
Why is this unjustified excuse? Exercise and healthy food gives you more energy FACT. Fast food will not rise you to your feet and release those much need chemicals in your brain the way physical activity can. Yes, stringent starvation diets reduces energy, but they should never ever be part of your weight loss plan. Get up earlier in the morning, exercise for half an hour, and have oatmeal, eggs and fruit for breakfast. You will certainly not complain about lack of an energy during the day then I guarantee it .      
  1. “ Diets are stupid, they are only short-term weight loss”
Why is this unjustified excuse? Extreme fast diets bring short- term results. But diet does not have to mean extreme, starvation and restriction. It can and should be a relaxed plan for healthy nutrition that you can practise for long periods but hay we all need a treat now and again! Usually, after strict dieting people immediately throw themsevles back into there  old habits and end up with putting more pounds on than they had before the diet . Therefore comes the rejection of the word DIET. It is best for you to introduce healthy feeding habits and exercise plans into your every day lifestyle, that you can keep and maintain around you daily routine. These kind of habits won’t help you lose weight fast like the gimmick diets you see,”14 pounds in 2 weeks”, but it will shift 2-3 pounds that will stay off  never to  return.    
  1. “I am in PMS”
We can not say that the women’s menstrual cycle is an unjustified excuse,  because in some women it appears that they are really hungry and they desire food rich in carbohydrates . But, it should not serve you as an inceptive way to eat everything that you will find in your reach. You can satisfy the desire for sweet or salty, a smarter way. Take a few strawberries or pieces of chopped apple, and put them into melted dark chocolate. Put this in the refrigerator for half an hour. Satisfy your cravings for sweets with this tasty desert. If you have a crisis for salty food, make yourself two cups of popcorn, without butter. Additionally, the symptoms of PMS are less expressed in women who exercise. Well, it is likely that you will not feel abdominal pain if you do not skip your aerobics.        
  1. “I am under stress”
Why is this unjustified excuse? Exercise reduces stress . Instead of sitting nervous with a bowl of chips in your hands, get up and take the stress out through physical activity. Stress is present almost every day in our lives. If you leave one problem, some new one will come along. That’s life. If you are not strong enough to stop using the stress as an excuse, you will never find a convenient time to improve your form.      
  1. “ I haven’t eaten all day, I deserve a rich meal”
Why is this unjustified excuse? Because such thinking ( starvation) is completely wrong. I skipped breakfast, just touched the lunch and you are satisfied with the daily routine? However, that kind of pleasure will last until evening, when you will forget about control and overeat yourself. And then, with full stomach, you will feel lazy and skip the workout. A good diet should include frequent feeding in small quantities. Thus, you will control hunger and your energy levels will remain high throughout the day.      
  1. “The year spent when I had to look nice”
Why is this unjustified excuse? Women should always try to look nice, be it 20 or 50 or 70 years old. It is never too late to start exercising or start a new diet. In a fact, maintaining a normal weight is very important, especially for older women, because each additional centimetre of the stomach volume carries a bigger  risk on your health.  

The above list of excuses is quite long and there will undoubtly always be room for something new and creative like “ If I loose weight, I will also loose the chest volume” , or “Men want a little flesh, not just bones” But none of this should be an excuse or an obstacle to constantly trying to improve our body.  Not just for the good look, but for healthier lifestyle.

Have you found yourself in some of these excuses?

I certainly  have. For a long time, I didn’t had the time to implement a healthy diet and good exercise regime. And chocolate was my breakfast, lunch and dinner during  PMS and other fast foods for the remainder of the time. Now I am relieved from stress by exercise,eating and drinking properly and I love doing aikido. It really as helped me! What about you?

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