Beauty Habits at Night for Fresh and Appealing Look

Beauty Habits at Night for Fresh and Appealing Look


Do you hate the sleepy tired look in the morning? Do you want to look fresh and appealing? Then you should start preparing your morning appearance from the noght before.

We present to you the top 10 nightly rituals that will help you wake up rested and will find it find it easy to switch from a sleepy horror show look to fantastic blooming morning look :

          Habit No. 1:  Clean and Feed Your Facial Skin   During the night, your facial skin is renewing and beautifies, and you can not leave your make up on, so it settles and could gather dirt. No matter how tired you are, it is a must to find two minutes to clean your make up and sweep the face. This will prevent the appearance of acne, pupils, wrinkles and unpleasant irritations. After cleaning and washing your face, apply nightly hydrating cream, and if you are over 30 years young, regularly use delicate care cream around the eyes. If you go to bed with your make up on, you WILL not get the fresh desired glowing look in the morning.             Habit No. 2:  Pull off the Unwanted Facial Hair at Night   Shaping the eyebrows or above lips depilation is best to do at night, especially if you have sensitive skin. Redness that appears after plucking or depilation it is likely to disappear by the next morning, as the skin has enough time to get rid of the irritation.         Habit No. 3:  Brush your teeth and clean them with teeth floss   Brushing the teeth is the first habit that we learn from the smallest child. For many people, washing the teeth comes automatically, without even thinking about it. Cleaning the teeth with tooth floss is just as important as washing. Not necessarily to do every day, but it is desirable to do it as often you can. The teeth floss removes deposits that gather between the teeth, which tooth brushes can not reach. For a brighter smile, place flossing  in your nightly rituals.           Habit No. 4:  Take Good Care of Your Lips   To wake up with soft lips, instead of cracked messy ones, you need to take good  night care of them. After brushing your teeth with  a toothbrush, rub softly your upper and lower lip a few times. This way you will get rid of dead cells and dry skin. Then, before you sink into the world of dreams, apply lip balm or Vaseline on your lips. The next morning, you won’t be able to wait to jump out of bed and to smile in front of the mirror.         Habit No. 5: Prepare Your Clothes For the Next Day   Set aside a few minutes for you to choose which clothes to wear the next day. So, you can make a nice relaxed combination. Moreover, the next morning you will not have to hurry and run to your work place, so  apart for the good looking combination, you will look and feel more relaxed and rested.         Habit No. 6:  Put Two Spoons in The Fridge   If you have the problem with “bags under eyes “, or dark circles around the eyes in the morning,  before bedtime, put two tablespoons in the refrigerator. Next morning, set the spoons on your closed eyes, and hold them for about 10 minutes.   The “pads” under your eyes will be visibly reduced.         Habit No. 7 :  Stretch Out You do not need to know yoga exercises, simply stretch the muscles all over your body. It will help you relax and sleep tightly. A good nights sleep will help bring an even more appealing appearance the next morning.           Habit No. 8:  Lie Down in Clean Sheets The sheets you are sleeping on affect the beauty of the skin. Sheets continuous builds up dust, impurities and dead cells from your skin, so they could easily find there way onto your face and body. That is why you should always keep an eye at the cleanliness of your sheets. Change your  pillow cases every 3-4 days and completely change the sheets once a week.   Not only you will feel more comfortable when you lie down on them, but you will prevent the occurrence of acne and comedowns.           Habit No. 9:  Use Satin or Silk Pillow Cases     Smooth material will keep the beauty of your skin and hair. Silk pillow case will not allow your skin to wrinkle, resulting in fewer lines as we age, and will also prevent the unpleasant static that those with long hair experience.           Habit No. 10:  Lie on Your Back, Not the Stomach   If you sleep on your stomach, the pressure of the weight will not only shrink the skin of your face, but also your chest and neckline.   So, it is time for  new habit.             Hope that this article was useful for you . Feel free to share your comment, opinion, personal habit or anything on the themes we cover.      

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