Beautiful and cultivated neck

Beautiful and cultivated neck


The neck, unfortunately, is one of the most neglected parts of the body in the care and prevention of wrinkles. But the irony is that it is the first part of the body on which small and fine fighting wrinkles appear because the skin is much thinner and more sensitive than the skin on the face ...   As the years go by, there is a change in the distribution of adipose tissue on the body, and thus to the appearance of the first dreaded wrinkles. The places that most rapidly lose fat are the neck, the area around the eyes and cheeks. With the loss of fatty tissue under the skin reduces its ability to restore and very quickly and easily the appearance of  wrinkles and skin which hangs, thus causing wrinkles, also a poor diet, poor skin care or excessive sunbathing will attribute to the dread wrinkle sag. The best way to protect the skin from premature ageing is regularly cherish it. The skin of the neck and the face should be cleaned daily, return moisture using tonic and be protected from harmful influences such as sun and UV radiation.   Because the fact that the skin of the neck is really gentle and sensitive, some of the treatments we apply on the face and other parts of the body should not be applied to the neck. The best treatment for the neck is to use creams which fight against aging skin and will aid younger skin, and also the ones that are specially designed for the skin of the neck.     A lot of kitchen products offer an excellent skin care product on quite a natural basis:   - Oatmeal flour mixed with lemon juice is great for cleaning and whitening the neck .   -Avocado puree with lemon juice is perfect peeling for the neck, which nourishes and whitens the skin.   -Cucumber juice is excellent for refreshing and neck skin care.      

And finally a few more tips for beautiful neck:

  -Keep your head upright as often as possible, this is good for the overall posture, but it is great for the skin of the neck   -Sleeping without a pillow prevents the appearance of wrinkles on the neck   -Massage your neck daily for  a minute or two, using some cream or oil for skin care   -When applying facial cream do not forget your neck.   -If at work you neck hurts, make a break and a few small exercises for neck movement and relaxation.  

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