Basic forms of the female body

Basic forms of the female body


Knowing the shape of your body is key point when dieting, trying to define your body through physical exercise or even choosing the right piece of clothing.

There are four basic forms of the female body, such as:

  • The apple
  • The pear
  • The hourglass
  • The banana
Some of these may be found under different names. It would be rude and inappropriate to define an ideal form of the female body, because each form is beautiful and attractive. What is important for a great appearance  is your movement and attitude, and proper selection of clothes, not the weight you have or don’t have as the case maybe.    
  1. APPLE :
  Features  (most often) :
  • Shoulders wider than hips
  • Bosomy
  • Rounded stomach
  • Undefined waist
  • Narrow hips
  • Usually have skinny legs
  A similar term for this form of body is inverted triangle.   Vulnerable areas : Fat quickly deposits on the stomach .   How to dress: Advantages of this form are big breasts and skinny legs. Emphasise them by  hiding the stomach. Do not choose tight dresses that emphasise the waist, better choose neckline long dresses or short skirts that highlight your legs.   Recommended physical activity : walking, swimming, abdominal exercises, cycling.   Famous women with body form of apple : Oprah Winfrey, Jade Jagger, Drew Barrymore.
  1. PEAR
  Features  (most often) :
  • Hips are wider than shoulders
  • Small breasts
  • Tight waist
  • Flat stomach
  • Wide hips
  • Highlighted thighs and butt
  A similar term for this construction of the body is triangle.     Vulnerable areas : Hips are an expression of feminity, but in same time the weakness of women with this shape of body. They  have no problem keeping flat stomachs and small waist, but the fat is easily deposited on the buttock and thighs   How to dress: Due to the thin waist and feminine hips, these women and girls are seductive and attractive. Do not highlight your chest, choose a narrow skirt highlighting your lower back and buttock. Skirts with high waist are a true friend of these women.   Recommended physical activity : hiking, biking, jogging, any exercise for forming the buttock.   Famous women with body form of pear: Shakira, Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez....  
Features  (most often) :
  • Hips and shoulders are almost the same width
  • Big chest
  • Thin waist
  • Shaped butt
  • Seductive curves
  • Tendency to have large hands
    Vulnerable areas : This form of body is feminine because it emphasises women’s trump cards, but looking overweight can very easily become the appearance for this shape . Girls and women with this form of body must be careful with there diet plan and exercise , and be very physically active to maintain that gorgeous and attractive figure.   How to dress: Everything that will highlight your breasts and hips are welcome, but not both simultaneously , Why you may ask? because it could easily begin to look vulgar. Choose a skirt with a marked line in your lower back and hips, neck skirt with the ‘V’ , trousers with high waist. . Wear tight clothes, because with baggy clothes, you can visually add some weight to your body shape . However, make sure that the clothes are not too small. Perhaps it is better to choose one number bigger than the one that barely fits you, in order to properly highlight your figure, without being intrusive.   Recommended physical activity : Exercises with female weightlifting, cycling, jogging.   Famous women with body form of hourglass: Kim Kardashian, Scarlett Johansson, Salma Hayek..  
Features  (most often) :
  • The same proportions of shoulders and hips
  • Undefined waist
  • Athletic construction
  • Small breasts
  • Flat stomach
  • Skinny legs
  A similar term for this construction of the body are rectangle or pencil.     Vulnerable areas : This are skinny women with fast metabolism that do not have tendency toward looking overweight or obese. But, if they put one extra pound on, they will equally be overweight in the upper and lower part of the body .   How to dress: Actually you do not have parts of body that need to be covered, just parts that are not highlighted. Choose a dress with high shoulders, a wide section at the hips, and wear a belt on your waist.   Recommended physical activity : Exercises with female weightlifting, treadmills, and any physical exercise associated with a diet that contains many proteins because typically these women have low muscle mass.     Famous women with body form of banana: Cameron Diaz, Natalie Portman, Eva Longoria..     Nevertheless, we could not strictly divide the women’s body in only four groups. So, for example ‘apple’ body shaped women do not always have skinny legs, narrowed hips then shoulders, and not always those with ‘pear’ shape body have small breasts, but proportionally hips are much wider, and ‘bananas’ are not always tall and athletic, but have approximately equal proportion of upper and lower part of the body.   Hope you enjoyed this article and if you have any comments please feel free to add them   From all at Beauties Factory UK we wish you great Easter   Now I am off to stock up on some Easter eggs, Naughty I know but I will go for a run later lol   Love Silvi  XXX    

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