Autumn Skin-Care

Autumn Skin-Care



When autumn comes , you need to change your summer moisturising cream, tonic and powder, so you do not dry the skin further and obtain a richer version, as well as seasonal foods that allow internal hydration of the body.

With changing times it is necessary to change the way you care of your skin. Your skin maybe dehydrated due to long days in the sun and other external factors

Also it is a perfect time to prepare for the autumn days. Your face especially requires nutritious cream and good food!



The first step to prepare skin for the hydration is a regular peeling to remove dead skin cells that close pores. People who have sensitive skin should make an easier type of peeling. You can find that kind of peeling if you ask in pharmacies for peeling cream for sensitive skin that contains less chemicals than normal peel.   For problem skin, such as skin with acne it is advised that the usual peeling of a clay base and zinc that can be found in pharmacies and which are used for specialised chemical peeling which is the of cosmetic work recommended to be performed by trained dermatologist.   For normal skin type these people will suit all types of peeling, except those designed for oily skin. Normal skin people can even conjure up for themselves at home a homemade recipe for facial peeling.  





Summer wash gels, tonics and powders with matte effect in the autumn months can further dry skin.They can also give additional shine in certain places, while others appear lichens due to lack of hydration. Therefore it is necessary to obtain a special cream that will give a good hydration without excessive oiling. This is especially important for those who have problematic skin to get your beautifying products in the pharmacy.   If you have dry skin you can buy an ordinary hydration creams designed exclusively for your type of face. If you notice certain parts of the face very dry, you can combine essential oils combined with the facial cream.   Dry skin does not tolerate dust powder, and it is of great importance to good peeling. If you have a very dry skin before you apply foundation, feed the skin well with a good moisturising cream. Instead of powder use tone cream. It contains oil that will better soak your skin.You can use powder for the T zone (forehead, nose and chin).   Besides makeup powder avoid matte lipsticks because these will further dry out your lips. Never forget that if you have dry skin buy products for your face care that contain hijalurin acid because these type will really help the skin and as a bonus it will even aid in calming of  redness. Once a week apply peeling on your face, neck and neckline. A beautiful recipe that you have to own, a simple way to cook is a combination of honey and sugar.   One of the great importance for dry skin is your diet. Those with dry skin should avoid caffeine, alcohol and sugar because these substances will dry the skin further. When possible drink a lot of water , this will help you regain moisture and shine to your dry skin. Besides water another item that has great value are flaxseed, walnuts, oranges and lemon.    


Sun protection

Although autumn sun can seem tricky, do not forget that in these months it  is good to use cream and powder with SPF to block the influence of harmful rays. For medium to dark skin colour enough will be from 6 - 10 SPF, while those with a large pale colour skin should use a product with 20th factor.      

Seasonal Foods


Seasonal foods such as pear, broccoli, grapes, plums, raspberries will allow your skin to absord vital vitamins such as A, B, C and E as well as iron, zinc, calcium and potassium. Therefore try if possible foods to add these products in a larger quantities  to your diet and of course with them to get enough water so that your skin will have a full internal hydration.            

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