Autumn 2014 Fashion Ideas

With the summer on its way out the best season for fashion is upon us: Autumn! Nothing screams fashion like a light jacket, thicker and more durable materials and the re-entrance of smokey eye and a slightly darker look overall. In terms of fashion shorts can still be with us so long as they fall into a few categories. First, the shorts should be tweed. This material is best for the fall because it stands out more in light browns and dark greys (as opposed to wool that looks better in black for the winter). Another key thing to keep in mind when wearing fall shorts is that they should be short. Not above the knees—short. This is because they should always be paired with a pair of light tights and booties or up to the knee boots. Another great look to utilize during the autumn season is all day smokey eye makeup. Because autumn is filled with browns, and muted yellow, orange and reds it’s best to keep away from a super dark look during the day. This is not to say that you can’t rock a gothic glam look at night but it’s never been a good daytime look anyway. A few additional things that can make your autumn outfit perfect are thicker scarves, light jackets, newsboy hats, vest and booties. On their own these items don’t seem like they’re the best things to wear when the weather gets chilly because it’s at an in between place but the fact that you don’t have to wear a heavy coat means you have no excuses and should strut down the sidewalks, of NYC, London, Paris or wherever you’re from with style and confidence!

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