All the fashion Trends for this Winter

All the fashion Trends for this Winter

As each season has a mandatory piece of clothing that never goes out of fashion,this winter there are some pieces that you can combine and they will fit into the evening or day time look


- Thick jacket which you have so far avoided this winter looks great in combination with tight leggings and high boots. Warm feeling and great look can be achieved if you add some creativity with a belt over a thick jacket to break up the monotonous look.

- Big sweaters are still a piece of clothing that accompanies commodity and heat. The selection of prints and patterns is yours - it is important to feel warm and modern at the same time.

- Winter shorts that you can combine with high boots and designed pattern tights are one of the basic pieces for each autumn and winter.

-Artificial fur in the form of hot bibs is a total hit in these cold days. You can easily warm in the evening while enjoying the new combinations mini black dress complemented with fur short vest and high heels.


- Hair accessories can be great replacement for hats. Interesting patterns, though in the form of a thick head scarf look great.

- Classic boots replace the bike type with studs. Rainy and cold days these are a great choice along with black tight pants and a thick chunky wide sweater.

- Leggings are one of the most widely accepted trends for every season. Endless variety of patterns and prints each winter make them more attractive and easiest to wear in daily combinations.

- Peplum blouses are another piece that looks great with a slim black skirt and high heels. It will look glamorous and elegant even in the coldest nights.


- Colourful evening dresses will break the winter monotony. You could sometimes replace the little black dress with blue or pink one, so you could add only black detailing.

-Shiny dresses in different colours,designs and models are one of the top choices for many girls for New Year's Eve. This is perhaps the only night that these dresses are mandatory on the winter shopping list.

-Gloves are an essential part of the winter wardrobe, and though they are not used solely to heat and protect our hands from the cold, they are both very interesting fashion detail. This season leather is a major fashion trend, so in accordance with the designers in their collections included the interesting leather gloves in different colours, but there are other materials that are not negligible. Although they know to give less sharp looking, glossy look and elegant variant. What is your favourite type of gloves?

Winter nail trends:

If you are really overwhelmed with the holiday spirit, you wish to decorate nails in that style, but may not have any particular idea, how to do it. So today we give you some interesting suggestions for manicures that really great fit in a festive atmosphere.


Enjoy the imagination and with the help of nail polish decorate your nails in a festive mood. It will certainly not only raise a smile when you look at them, but in the same applies to those around you.

Equip with a little patience, creativity, time and of course nail varnishes and find your manicure in the gallery that we have prepared for you.

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