8 small tested tips for flat stomach

Are you tired of wearing baggy shirts, to hide your stomach, or sucking your stomach inwards all the time, just so you can achieve that desired look ?

A flat belly does not come overnight, but you will be surprised how much difference just  these small changes in your daily habits can make. Just keep reading..

  1. Stand straight and save the correct posture. In every moment of the day sit, or stand up right. This will activate more muscles of the body, and it will automatically frame the muscles of the abdomen. If you are working for a long time in front of the computer, just write a small message, near the computer,  to remind you to sit right.
  1. Secure your abdomen with a wide smile. Laughter is the easiest and funniest way to tone the muscles of the abdomen. Watch a comedy or laugh with your friends, and whoala – You are beating the extra stomach weight with a smile .
  1. Keep  the skin/ peel of fruits and vegetables. Fibres are your allies, and they are in abundance in the skins of apples, pears , even potatoes and oranges. You do not have to eat the peel of an orange. Just do not completely clean the white layer off the oranges, but eat with it .
  1. Forget the  chewing gum. Hate that your tummy always looks slightly swelled? Perhaps the culprit is your favourite chewing gum. As you chew, you swallow large amount of air, and that is why your stomach blows. If you want to freshen your breath, it is better to put a menthol in your mouth.
  1. Chew the food until it becomes like paste. Insufficient chewed food not only hinders the work of the stomach, but also creates unwanted gases that will make your stomach look bigger than it really is. Chew every bite at least 10 times and enjoy the taste of the food you are consuming.
  1. Do not eat standing. If you eat standing, over the next meal you will enter 50% more calories . Why ? Because when you eat standing, your body perceives it as a snack not as a meal, and you are so inclined to indemnify the next meal because you do not feel satisfied.
  1. Try rotating a hula hop. With this fun children’s play, you  will  be targeting troubled areas of the stomach. With the circular movements you will exercise your abs,  hips and reduce waist circumference. Do you know that one of the biggest fans of hula hop exercises which they use for maintaining there shape is Beyonce. So, it is not a children’s game after all.
  1. Release your stress. One of the best ways for removing stress is through boxing.  In boxing you get 2 in 1.  On the one hand,  you are activating muscles in the middle part of the body , with each stroke , and on the other hand – reducing stress, which is well famous “cause” of abdominal fat. If you do not how to insert boxing in your cardio activity, sign to a boxing class, or you can even do it at home, watching boxing tutorials, that can easily be found on the Internet.
  Hope this article was useful for you . If you know some useful tips or tricks for flat belly, feel free to share it.

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