8 Bad Habits That Harm The Beauty of Your Skin

8 Bad Habits That Harm The Beauty of Your Skin

Every woman tries as much as possible to nurture her skin and for as humanily possible to maintain the natural beauty of their face.

But sometimes, consciously or unconsciously, women make mistakes that harm their delicate facial skin. Here are some of the most common mistakes and tips to help you and the life of your skin:

  1. Sleeping with your make up on
  You had a crazy night, drank two or three cocktails to many and immediately collapsed exhausted on your bed. And the make up ??  Excuse: “I will take it off tomorrow and will put facial mask on to make up for it”- voicelessly thinking while you are in the dream world... Sounds familiar ? But, the truth is that a face mask will not repair the damage that the make up would do during the night. Make up closes pores and keeps dirt in. If you have skin prone to the appearance of acne, you should never ever lie down and grab 40 winks with make up on especially after a night of razzle madazzle. TIP: Just keep beside your bed moist baby wipes. So, when you find yourself in a situation when you have become too lazy (or intoxicated) in bed, just remove your make up with them. This will also keep your bed clean .           2.  Lack of sleep   Jennifer Lopez is one of the Hollywood beauties who claim that the secret of her beauty is a good eight (8) hours sleep. “Sleep is my weapon”- she says, so why can we not accept this treatment for free beautiful skin?   No matter how much powder you try to put on your unrested face, your skin will not have the healthy glow it should have and not to mention that you are sure to be facing dark circles around your eyes and we all know what a pain they are to cover.. Sleeping also helps in fighting acne and premature ageing.   TIP: Every day, sleep at least 7,5 to 8 hours. The skin will find a way to thank you for that .       3.  Using unclean make up brushes.   We all know that we should regularly clean our make up brushes, but we usually use them in the evening, before going out, so we never have time and delay the cleaning for “tomorrow”. The hair of the make up brushes is an ideal environment for the growth of bacteria and dirt accumulation. With using dirty make up brushes, you are putting the bacteria and dirt directly on your face.   TIP: Along with the weekly deep cleaning around the house, clean your make up brushes as well. It is advisable to clean your make up brushes once a week, with baby shampoo. Clean your lipstick brush after every use. If you are using eyeshadow applicators,  made of sponge, then you should change them frequently.               4.  Rubbing your eyes   The alarm rings in the morning, and you are trying to quickly wake up by rubbing your eyes. Error ! The habit of rubbing your eyes may be harmless act, but in reality it is having a huge damaging effect to your beauty. Rubbing your eyes irritates the skin and it is often the reason for appearance of dark circles around the eyes. In addition, you can transfer dirt of your hands on the eyes, and end up with the dreaded  red eyes.   TIP: In the morning, instead of lying in bed, get up and immediately flush your eyes with cold water, so you should quickly wake  yourself up . Everything is a habit. Start to change and make new good habits to take control of your hands and keep them away from your eyes.      
  1. Too frequent exfoliation
  Peelings and chemical exfoliates with ANA acids can make your face shine and with a nice healthy glow, as it removes the outer layer of skin composed of dead cells.   But, frequent exfoliation irritates the skin and it can easily become red, and if you suffer from acne, you will make this problem worse.   TIP: In the summer, use a scrub two to three times a week maximum. During the winter, exfoliate your skin once a week, because this is the time when it becomes drier.         6.  Washing the face with warm- hot water   Washing your face is very beneficial for the skin, because it is obviously a way to get rid of accumulated dirt and excess of oils. But, many people think it will be  better for there oily skin if they use hot water for washing their face.   The hot water more harms the skin, more so than helping it. It causes the cracking of small capillaries of the face, and also stimulates the secretion of more oil from the skin.   TIP: Wash your face at least twice a day , with cold to warm water.        
  1. Washing your face before washing your hair with shampoo
  Most of the people, when entering the shower, first wash their face, and then continue with their hair. Experts warn that it is a mistake, especially if you have sensitive skin prone to acne.   Conditioners and hair masks, that women regularly use, contain a lot of oils that remain on the face and close their pores and cause the appearance of spots and acne.   TIP: First wash your hair thoroughly, then wash your face to remove the shampoo, conditioner, or the hair mask.           8. Drinking with a straw   Perhaps it is more interesting to drink your cocktail or juice with a straw, but if you do this regularly, your look will suffer. The constant using of straws for drinking, leads to creation of fine lines or wrinkles around the mouth, that over time become visible.   TIP: Use a straw in rare cases, like when drinking those special cocktails. Every day, regularly drink your drink directly from the cup/bottle.           These were the 8 bad habits that harm the beauty of your face. Did you find some of these habits in yourself? I sure did and I wrote it Hope that you found this article useful. If you have some other bad habits that you are aware of, please feel free to share.      

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