10 quick ways to correct your appearance

10 quick ways to correct your appearance



If your make up is not as it should be and you notice that at the last moment, do not panic-  here are quick ways to it sort out in a flash.

We all make mistakes when it comes to our make up or styling our hair.

I am quite sure it has happen to all of us,Our whole outlook left to the last moment to sort.

Do not panic. No need to stress and let anxiety get the better of you, there is always a way to quickly and easily fix your looks and start the day or night in a good feeling


Problem No. 1: You have applied too much blush

  You have applied way too much blush and now you think that you look like a clown? You can start from scratch with make-up or go out that way, but none of  this is the solution. So not to have all eyes staring at you, we have a solution. Apply powder in dust shape upward, and a bright shade of blush. Or if you use bronze blush tint, put a little liquid foundation and nicely drip..                

Problem No. 2: When your eye shadow has spread across your whole face

  Just as you have applied your nice foundation and starting to apply eye shadow, it blows up and sticks all over the face. The whole process to start from scratch is time-consuming, So the next time you are about to apply your eye shadow, use a cotton makeup removal bud, place it under the eye and the shadow that is surplus will just stick to the cotton bud, and you'll have a nice clean surface.              

Problem No. 3: Your deodorant leaves spots on the clothes

  The last thing you want to see before leaving the house is that your favourite dress or blouse has white marks from your deodorant meaning would have to change again. Find an invisible deodorant formula from the shop or the next time you spray your deodorant be sure to pass it through with a cloth so the  excess powder is removed.              

Problem  No. 4: Your mascara is dry

  You're ready to go out and all your left is to apply more mascara. But it is dry, your lashes are leaving balls of goop, and you do not like the look at all. Solution - Throw the mascara if it is too old as it maybe harmful to your eyes. Next step, you should take a facial cream that you usually use and apply a small layer on your eyelashes. Try to separate the excess mascara , or remove it with paper and frame your eyelashes as you can with your cream.              

Problem No. 5: You have sprayed too much perfume

  Maybe you're a fanatic when it comes to spraying your perfume on or maybe just this time you have applied a way too much. All seems well until the surrounding starts reacting. You so do not have to shower , when removing the perfume we have 3 solutions. Moisten your skin with lotion without perfume and thus reduces the odour, wipe with damp baby wipes or touch your skin with cotton with alcohol in the places where you have used a perfume.  

Problem No. 6: Your bronze tan is uneven

  You have used you hard earned funds for self-tanning, but this time it has been done unevenly and you haven't noticed this until you have gone out on the daylight. So always carry with you the self-tanning lotion, so you can immediately correct the parts that you need to, but do not forget that you should apply it onto a wet body. Or you can take a powder with a bronze glow and apply it evenly with a brush on your body.  

Problem No. 7: You have noticed spoys on your face at the last moment

  Spots cab make you feel understandably  uncomfortable and concious about them. You do not have time now to collate so the best thing to do is to get some ice and hold it on the  place for a few minutes. This will reduce the redness and swelling. Apply an antibiotic ointment to prevent infection and put a sufficient amount of concealer for prevention.  

Problem No. 8: Your nails have a yellowish tint

  Now the trend is dark shades and strong colours, but it often means that your nails will look ugly and have a yellowish tint. To restore the natural look of your nails, drain one lemon and mix it with pure alcohol. Take a cotton bud and using the mixture nicely clean your nails.  

Problem No. 9: Your hair is messy and electrified

  Your hair is again electrified, and you only have 10 minutes before going out. This could sound a bit odd to you, but  you  always should have a clean towel beside you. Slightly wet the towel and pass with through the surface of your hair. All the hair will start to fall into its place, and plus your hair will smell fresh.  

Problem No. 10: Red lipstick on your teeth

  Red lipstick can look very sexy. Until such times as you have not looked at yourself in the mirror and now realise that you have lipstick on your teeth. The first thing is that you feel uncomfortable, and the second is that glamour will vanish immediately. So to make sure something like this does not  happen, you should take some table cloth and just touch your lips to remove lipstick from the inside of the lips . You should probably do this before leaving the house, as you may look slightly strnage doing this in a packed bar or restuarant        

Hope you found this article useful.

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