10 Cosmetic Products That Every Woman Must Own

10 Cosmetic Products That Every Woman Must Own




With so many choices on the market is not easy to know which cosmetic products are the best to spend our hard earned money. We have done a little research and prepared a shopping list of at least 10 products that we all absolutely must have this summer for a perfect tan and perfect makeup.  

Product No. 1 :  BLUSH

    Blush has the final effect of your appearance. No matter whether pink, peach coloured, small, bronze, in gel form, powder or solid substance, nothing gives more bounce in your face. Apply with circular movements of the cheek bones and you will receive the required effect.            

Product No. 2 :  CONCEALER

  If you have face that is blessed with the dreaded dark circles, blemishes, pimples and redness,then it is time to start to cover your little imperfections. Corrector/ Concealer is your best friend when it comes to this  beauty venture.        

Product No. 3 :  EYE CREAM

  It is a saying that the eyes are the windows to the soul, and we also know that they are the first part that shows the sign of ageing. Although wrinkles are inevitable, you can delay their appearance, if you start from now regularly using preventive care cream. Use cream around the eyes to reduce under eye bags, get a nice line and cheer the dark skin around the eyes.        

Product No. 4 :  RED LIPSTICK

  As a signature every girl should have a red lipstick in her make up case for the following reasons: increases self-esteem, fits any outfit and is impressive enough. Whether it's cherry blossom, cinnamon, maroon, light red, select the hue that suits your skin and enjoy the compliments that will undoubtedly roll in about your appearance.          

Product No. 5 :  BEAUTY BALM

  Beauty Balm or base is known as the secret of Korean actresses. We should see it like the multitasking marvel located in the tube. It is primarily perceived as a soothing cream that works, has anti - inflammatory effect, it is a base for makeup, toner, moisturising cream, cream with sun protection, and it is in one. And the best part is that not only covers most blemishes, it also heals.          

Product No. 6 :  MASCARA 

  Long, thick and curly lashes,  are like cherries on the cake, they to complete your look. It's okay if your lashes are not naturally long, now you can enter the glamour look with just a few steps. Get mascara and dedicate around 30 seconds for each eye, and if you can not decide between the voluminous and lengthened lashes, then put one layer of each of the two mascaras.                

Product No. 7 :  DRY SHAMPOO

  Powder shampoos are designed to function without water. They are usually made ​​from starch, silica or talc, and are designed to physically absorb excess sebum, dirt and smell when you lack the time for regular showering and washing your hair.            

Product No. 8 :  REGENERATOR

  Regardless of style, texture and chemical condition of the hair, the hair of all of us can only benefit from more care. Take the time once or twice a month to treat your hair, and a reinforced structure will be the result of  the additional time.              


  Are you too tired, been one of those days and all the other excuses that we come up with before removing our make up at night. No excuse is enough to sleep with makeup on the face. This is one of the biggest enemies of your skin and appearance, so the least we can do is to use a wet handkerchief to remove makeup before bed, you'll feel better for it in the morning I promise!            


    Whether the sun shines out or is cloudy, On those summer days never go out of the house without SPF cream with a high factor as possible . UVA / UVB rays every year increase, thereby increasing the chances of getting cancer if not protected from the dangerous rays, Especially pay attention if you have little ones with you        

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